Friday, October 22, 2010

China's own 3G licenses will be ready to go from the TD-SCDMA

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According to AFP, Financial Times, said China's homegrown 3G mobile technology is ready, and put into large-scale commercial market will no longer difficult. It is reported that China will use self-developed TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone technology, which will be different from other parts of the world market standards, such as the popular European WCDMA, CDMA2000, etc. used in the United States.

"Today's TD-SCDMA technology standard that can form an independent network? The answer is yes. Then it will be compatible mobile phones there? Answer is also yes." China's second largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE president of business process in an interview that "everything is now waiting, waiting for permission from the government and telecommunications operators action."

In fact, TD-SCDMA technology ready for market have been expecting the government issued 3G licenses the old foundation, and the license once the start, the Chinese telecom operators will start immediately to establish 3G networks and services.

On the other hand, although China has to build out their own 3G technology, the Government has said that the information and communications industry, ICT will the door open to overseas investors. Wu helped the Chinese government in Hong Kong in high-level multinational conference that today's China is very welcome hope to enter the domestic market to overseas operators, they are strongly encouraged to establish R & D center in China. "China will adhere to the policy change, welcome all international companies and local business and government cooperate to jointly promote the development of ICT industry."



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